Long weekend rides

Valley ride(s)

Sunday - Gorge etc 1000 am gorge parking lot
Monday - tbd

Difficulty: beginner to intermediate

I am heading to the valley Sunday to ride the gorge and trails around there. Then I am going to stay at my cottage overnight and ride again Monday. Where is negotiable. Times are tbd for both Sunday and Monday.

If interested drop me a message or text me

Notes: requires lights , dress warmly, bug spray

This is not an official ECMTB ride.


Mid morning sunday would work for me if i dont make the trek to wentworth

I will update when I know. I suspect it will be a mid morning ride.


Iā€™m around Sunday morning too.

1000 am gorge parking lot end of gladys porter drive

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Nice ride today. :sunglasses:


Thanks again for the tour. Much appreciated. :facepunch::muscle:

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