Looking for 2 mountain bikes, 24inch wheels

Hi all,

A friend adopted 13 yr old twin boys last week and discovered the bikes they came with were purchased for them in 2017 and do not fit them at all. Does anyone have anything in their garages their kids are ready to move up in size from? Or have any leads at all?

IDK what their budget is, I’m guess not massive as the move in costs for adoption can add up pretty quick in a short timeframe without much warning.

(I’m also in the market for something with 14 or 16 inch wheels for one of my kids too if you’ve got something collecting dust)



I might have a 16 inch, I haven’t been in the shed for a while. I’ll let you know.

Anyway, how cool is it that someone is adopting teenage boys. That’s awesome! Your friend should also look at 26 inch bikes, my 10 and 11 year olds are on 24s are they’re getting small.


I will suggest that. I don’t actually know how tall the boys are, but they won’t be getting shorter any time soon! haha

Thanks for taking a look to see if you still have a 16 inch hanging around.

An update: I confirmed the boys heights.They are small so 26s would be too big this year.

I’ve pulled the bike out, I’ll get a photo for you shortly.


Awesome, thank you!