Looking for 9 speed cassette

I’m looking for a 9 speed SRAM or Shimano cassette in the range of 11-36 up to 11-40. It’s an old bike, not looking for anything fancy.

Got one in truro you could have for a 10er brand new.

Any chance of sending it to Halifax? Can send e-transfer if you’re able. Cheers!

Still looking!

I think your only hope for that is to get a SunRace cassette. I don’t think Shimano offered 11-36 until 10 speed (I could be completely wrong though).

not sure if you’re looking to buy new, but cyclesmith has 11-36 shimano 9 speed cassette in stock

Looking for something in the range of 36-40. Thanks though.

That will work, ideally not new, as its an old bike, don’t want to spend too much on it. I’ll keep holding out for used if not in the next few weeks I’ll just slap a new one on. Thanks for that!