Looking for a 26" fork

Hey guys, I’m reconditioning this old bike (~1995) for a friend and a fork fell apart when I tried to unstuck it. Wondering maybe somebody has a old 26" fork with V brake mounts kicking around and could let it go for cheap. Rigid fork will work too. Steerer is 1 1/8 straight . Thanks

Check out your local bike service shops. Often times they will have something hidden away in the back off another bike. Check the steerer tube length needed as well.

Otherwise, try this….Fork

I’ve had a couple of these forks. Solid, accomodates a disk brake, and can be used with a 29" wheel with disk brake.

Thanks @riderx , I’ll definitely check bike shops around

I have a Judy TT from back in the day. Been hanging on the wall in the garage for a few years. Not sure what sort of condition it is in. You can have it if it works for you