Looking for a decent 24" MTB for my son

Not much out there on Kijiji or the Maritime Region Bike Sale group on FB. Price limit is $250 - $300.

Funny. Just thinking of selling one. I have an Opus Fever that I’m thinking of selling. I was going to ask $350.


Looks like a dandy!

Hydraulic discs, 8x3 speed shimano, Kenda smallbloc 8, Alex dp17 rims. Damn better looking bike than my own!

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Looked up the 2018 version and they were asking almost $1000. It’s no wonder you don’t see any kids out there riding. All I know is that I have to keep mine running until I can ride no more🤟

Hey, while we are at it, I’ll take $50 for this Giant MTX 125 if anyone is interested.

Marketplace near truro

That Opus does look nice and the Hotrock looks like a really good deal. Discussing it with family but I’ll follow up soon.

We picked up the Opus Fever from @Wayners. Great guy and the bike is in great shape. So far my son is loving it. Now I think my wife is jealous because she’s the only one without hydraulic disc brakes.


I just moved my son up to a 26" bike, so I have his Devinci Ewoc available for sale. It’s in really decent shape. Will sell for $250.

Looks like this (the purple one):

If anyone is interested, lemme know. I’m headed to Sugarloaf next Wednesday, but can meet someone before then.

Just posted a great deal on a MEC Ace solid specs, great shape if you’re still looking

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