Looking for a reintroduction

Hey Everyone. I’ve rejoined ECMTB after a hiatus, looking to get back into single track and the community. Without Covid, this would have been rather simple, with a few group rides. At present, I am wondering if anyone might be open to reintroducing me to the following trail systems: Spider Lake, Gore (Empire now, I gather), and Victoria Park. I promise to appropriately distance and it seems like small groups might now be allowed to ride together…? When feasible, I’d be happy to participate in trail maintenance opportunities and also to act as a women’s ambassador within the group, helping with rides and introducing new women members to the trails. As my fitness improves, I’d also like an opportunity to ride Fitz and The Links, if anyone would care to be a guide there. I’ve never ridden McIntosh Run. It seems to be popular and I’d be open to that as well. If anyone would like to introduce themselves and chat further, that would be great. Thanks all!


I can show you around the McIntosh Run Trails sometime. I’ll post something in the “girls group” (-:


Vic Park I’m game. Local rider.


And Fitz for that matter, we certainly have a good crew of riders in the Truro area that never mind guest, given we can meet in groups of 10 now should be some oportunities. Have you joined the group Bike Truro on facebook?

I’m new the area (Halifax) and looking to explore the local MTB trails. Did some trails at McIntosh yesterday and very impressed. Looking for like minded people who may want to go on local rides and maybe explore more trails around the Maritimes this summer (dependent on restrictions). Definitely blue runs!


Hey all, thanks for your replies. Am I jumping the gun asking to ride with others? Perhaps with the rules opening somewhat, it’s down to individual comfort level/risk tolerance? Do people (admins?) want to voice opinions on this?

Everyone is free to make their own decision on what they think is an acceptable level of risk based on their comfort level and family living situation. Some people are comfortable only doing solo rides, or rides with a few close friends right now, others are comfortable with a group of people so long as everyone is considerate of each other and maintains a reasonable distance from one another.

Groups of up to 10 people are now allowed by the government, while keeping a minimum distance of 6 feet. On the trail, if you’re 6ft or less away from the person in front, you’re too close to them at the best of times anyway. I’d suggest leaving extra space between riders when traveling in groups, and when stopping at or near intersections be sure to leave space for other riders/runners/hikers to pass. Be considerate of others and give others space when passing out on the trails.


Thank you @Jetter and @Rolls for thoughts/updates re: group rides. Looking forward to meeting everyone as the weeks progress.


Give Nine Mile River Trail a try. It’s a good newbie-friendly trail (except for the back loop which is pretty rooty and still has 3 broken boardwalks). It’s a good time to ride it while the trail is dry too!


Fairly dry out there now, @rockhopper?

Was quite dry when I was there week before last. I’d expect it’s even better now. Was still a smidge muddy in places when I was there.

Oh, yes. I do know that trail well (enough to not get lost) but haven’t ridden it in a bit. Thanks!

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It was VERY dry. Not sure what yesterday’s rain has done to it. There are a few perpetually muddy sections. We’re on to working on the next muddy section now (if you ride the trail, you’ll see piles of rocks cached for that work). We have plans to have Trailflow work on the worst muddy sections this summer. I’m hoping to get in in the next week or two to put some basic temporary rock causeways over the worst muddy bits until Trailflow gets in to do a more permanent fix.