Looking for a trials bike

For the past few years when the trails get too soggy, or I don’t have time to get to them, I’ve been riding street on my full sus. And I love it. I’ve always wanted to get into trials, but it’s so difficult to find a bike. I’ve checked pinkbike and there’s maybe 5 available in the entire country… but for some reason no one has responded to my inquiries. I just thought I’d throw it out there… anyone around here have a trials bike they are looking to sell?

Jeff Mayhew at sportwheels is selling a frame…

I have a trails stem…

I technically have two trials bikes. My main ride is a GU and I’ve got a spare Ozonys that I’ve lent to a friend. If he’s not still using it I could part with it… provided we can ride together haha. I do also have an older Norco Evolve frame I can let go for cheep would come with a headset, and I might have a few other parts I can send with it.

Are you looking for a comp style bike or a street trials bike? All my rides are comp style, no seats, long wheel base, high BB. The GU is especially tall. The Norco is the most street and jib friendly. My Ozonys Cannibal is a bit in the middle.

I do totally agree with your use case by the way. I don’t get on my trials bike much in the summer but do use it a fair bit in the shoulder seasons. I’m kinda crap at trials but it’s a damn good skill builder and a great way to get a ride in when the trails are mush or the weather is bad. I often ride inside our garage in the winter. Way more fun than spinning on the trainer!

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Here is the Ozonys I might be able to let go…

Shoot me message if it’s of interest.

I bought that frame.


^ ^ Thats the same model of Norco I’ve got lying around. Digging the white rims on yours. Looks sharp!


All of Craig’s bikes that I’ve seen so far are pimped right out. @supercraig I think likes riding dirty. Haha

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I would love to have an Inspired street trials bike like Duncan Shaw rides. I try to mimic that on my older Chromag Samurai, but it’s a bit too tall. Still it would be fun to play on a proper trials rig.

@Pepperjester thanks
@goose wait until you see the groad bike I’m working on lol

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Great to see there are some people around here interested in trials.

Agreed! His bikes look sick… now if I could only ride like he does, I could justify having one that nice!

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