Looking for Dirt jump parts

Hi I’m looking into building up a dirt jumper but just doing it sorta piece by piece over time but just wondering if anyone has any parts they could sell.
•Looking for a 10x135mm rear hub or preferably a wheel Single speed
• bars and stem
• 24mm spindle cranks
•IS52 is42 headset
•68/73mm bb
•30.9seatpost and dirt jump seat
•26 15x100 front wheel
but If you have any other parts for sale tell me too like a DJ fork or wheels

I’ve got a couple of 26" wheels, but pretty sure the front has a 20mm axle. I also have a Commencal saddle. It’s brand new and uncomfortable af, but would be fine for a DJ rig. You are welcome to it all. I also have one Kenda K-Rad you can have.

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I am not sure what you want for a handlebar but I have this for sale:

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Any idea of what size the wheels are most important would be the rear and how much would you want for it?

It’s 26 with a regular QR. You can have it–it’s just taking up space.

Not too sure I was looking for something with a bit of rise but if I can’t find anything I’ll let you know

I have a brand new Race Face Affect R bar and Race Face Ride stem laying around. The bar is 780mm wide X 20mm rise X 35mm clamp. The stem is 50mm X 35mm clamp.

The 20mm axle should be fine as my fork is not able to lower in travel as I thought to I’ll just get a fork with a 20mm axle

Any 26” DJ fork and cranks too but I don’t have the money to buy everything yet so I’ll just buy the stuff as I get the cash

alright ill take whatever you have i just orderd the frame so now it time to start getting parts

do you know how much the bar can be cut down to?

Cool, let’s connect this weekend.

ill dm your instagram

I would have to check tonight. There are 4 cut marks on each side so i’m guessing the bar can get cut down to around 740mm.

Hey, are you able to PM a price and pics?