Looking for dirt jumper parts

Looking to see if anyone has: wheels, frames, forks etc. Forks would be the most useful. Let me know what you got. Thanks

I have a few different forks. What were you looking for?

Anything, what do you have? Just want to see what could work as a possibility.

I’ve got a couple that might work depending on what you need- Fox Float 36 RC2 (straight steerer), and a Fox Float 32 RL (straight steerer). I think I’ve also got a Float 32 RLC Kashima with a tapered steerer. I’d have to look through the pile to see if there’s anything else but it would be mostly more trail oriented stuff.

I assume you’ll be going 26"?

26, dirt jump travel, so around 80-130ish travel. I don’t want to spend too much.

I’m not sure what “too much” is, but it’s probably wise to check out what similar forks are going for on Pinkbike- the 36 (26", straight 1 1/8") is very popular for DJ riders and they’ve become as rare as hen’s teeth. The 32 I have can be set anywhere from 80mm to 140mm of travel, the 36 from 80mm to 160mm.

If you don’t have a frame yet- try to find something with a tapered head tube as it will open up your options significantly.

This frame is an option right now.

Cool, would need a fork with a straight steer tube for that one.

If Ryan isn’t interested in that 36 I’d like to chat about it.

Sounds good, will let you know!

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