Looking for fast and flowy Thursday nights

Hey guys, the Roam is doing too much hanging-in-basement time and not enough riding time.
Looking to get out for some Thursday evening trail rides (preferably Valley-based) and not super technical.

I don’t have the rubber for rough and rooty trails, but enjoy fast double track or some decent singletrack.
Can handle more than just rails to trails - looking for that ‘Goldielocks’ trail, I guess.

Anyone like minded? Maybe 6-6:30 departure? Looking for options and a riding partner or two.



Except for the fact it’s nowhere near the valley, Nine Mile River is exactly the trail you are looking for. Fast, flowy, well groomed, but still following the natural contours of the land. If you’re ever near Halifax and want to get out for a rip let me know. I’ll gladly join you there anytime.


I was thinking Nine Mile after I originally posted, but that is more of a weekend ride than an after work ride.

I’ll let you know if I’m heading out there.


Even though my preference is for the rough and rooty stuff, I like to mix it up as long as it’s dirt! I’d be into a Nine Mile River trip. The Wolfville Reservoir would be fine for the 700C tires on your Roam. Also there’s some decent logging road/powerline stuff in Ellershouse.

Yeah the Reservoir is good fun too.