Looking for Help with Signage

As some of you may know, I am in the Graphics Communications Business (we used to be called Printers but we do much more than that. A conversation for another day). I have a customer in Clean NS who are going to be doing some trail signage similar to what I did at Spider Lake only larger.

There is a need to have some posts secured on the trail and then the signage mounted to these posts. It is on an HRM trail but they want for us to do the installation rather than have their crew do it. I suspect it will involve limited access, no power and pouring some cement. Does anyone know of anyone in this business who would look at the installation? This is a paying job and we are not looking for a volunteer. I wonder if NImzie has a handle on this sort of thing

You can post your ideas or PM me. there is some urgency to submit this information before the end of the week so please let me know if you can help or have any ideas.

Kirk, send me a pm with your email.

I can’t speak of their schedule but Trailflow, headed by Ryan (Pepperjester) and Michelle does a slew of trail building goodness.