Looking for one of these (locally)

A canvas, foldable wheelbarrow. I’ve looked at a few places that others have suggested without much success. Does anyone know where they might be sold locally? I’d rather buy local, than online unless it’s necessary.

lee valley?

Princess auto has them listed online http://www.princessauto.com/pal/product/8228686/Poly/Garden-Wheel-Barrow but it looks like they’re not available

Seems to me there is a forestry/arborist supply place in burnside that might have something like that. You could also try the Scotian Gold County store in Coldbrook.

I had tried lee valley. The employee I was talking to knew the product but it as not listed in their available stock. I’ll try the other sources too. Otherwise I know they can be ordered online, but I prefer to support local when possible.

I know this is an old topic, but I saw one of these folding canvas wheelbarrow things at Frasers in Berwick if anyone is still looking.

That would be dandy for trail work like hauling rock to bridge a soggy spot.