Looking for parts

Looking to upgrade an older bike for a family member.
If you have any gently used parts or take-offs, I’d be interested in the following:
-Alloy stem 45-50ish mm and handlebars 760ish mm
-externally routed dropper post 31.6 diameter in working condition.
-9 speed clutched shimano derailleur.
I’m not looking to spend a whole lot, and have no particular rush. DM me if you have something!

As far as I am aware, there is no such thing. Apparently you can run a 10-sp clutched shimano derailleur with a Sram 9-sp shifter and get decent shifting, but a shimano 9-sp shifter with a 10-sp shimano derailleur does not have the right cable-pull ratio.


Hmm, thx I was wondering about that. Currently this bike has a 3x9 setup on a qr rear hub. the big ring pretty much never gets used. When I rode it the other day, the amount of noise/chainslap compared to a 1x set up is like night and day-hence wishing for a clutch.Was thinking of different ways to ghetto a 1x or 2xsetup playing with cassettes in the rear. I believe I could fit a 10sp cassette on there but figured that would require a shifter change as well…it’s not really a big deal, maybe an old school DJ chain tensioner would be a better idea…this thread could degenerate into a 3x to 1x conversion thread😜

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I have most of a 2x10 drivetrain, lightly used, that I can part with: cassette, both derailleurs and shifters. I even still have the chain! Chainrings are 22-36, but no cranks or BB included; those are still in use.


Hey, I have this old stem that I can let go. Ours a bit heavy, but it’s cheap. :grin:

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Pm sent

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