Looking for parts

I picked up an older norco wolverine (2008 I think) since I only have my fat bike and road bike, I wanted something more versatile. It needs some work so I’m looking for some parts.

It has a 2x8 drivetrain and I’m looking for shifters that would work with this. It has the brake/shifter combo but the top is broken off and I can see all the internals.

Also looking for 26” tires

The bike is stock so any upgrades for a 26er would be cool too but I’m not looking to put a ton of money into it.

Can you replace just the shifters if you’ve got a combined brake/shift setup? I’m assuming those are Shimano “Dual Control” or similar?

I assume I’d need either the brake/shifter assembly or separate brake and shifters. It has Hayes mechanical disc brakes.

I may have what you need, I’ll do a little digging in my parts stash. Pretty sure I have a set of shifters and some mechanical disc brake levers.


I have a full Shimano 2x10 drivetrain with a fairly new chain: cassette, shifters and cables, the whole shebang. If you think you can use it, it’s yours. The bigger of the 2 front rings needs replacing, but I ended up getting a great deal on 1x11 XT so I never bothered replacing the front ring.

Thanks I’ll pm you

Sounds like @IanM_MTB has you covered :+1:

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