Looking for Roof Racks


I am looking to get roof racks for my 2015 Toyota Corolla.

Can anyone recommend what I should get or know of anyone selling a used pair.


I’d suggest the Toyota roof racks. They are made specifically for the car, and the bars don’t stick out past the towers like an aftermarket rack would. They are also quite reasonably priced as far as roof rack stuff goes.

I’m using Yakima bars. I have the same car and fit well. I don’t find they stick out but haven’t really looked at that. They’re not on the car now, but will be on there soon!

Do you now what model fits my car, where is a good place to buy Yakima bars


I have the Yakima round bars rack and I like them. Mine do stick out past the edge of the car a lot but thats just because I bought it used and didn’t have a choice. If your patient you can get a used pair for WAY WAY less then new. I have seen lots on kijiji over the past few months for around 150. Sometimes less.

Keep in mind with used you will need to get the q tower clips if the ones on it are don’t match the ones recommended for your car. They run around 50$ a set and you would need 2.

Also, I have had a really got experience with Rackology. I bought my q tower clips from him and he installed the racks properly on my car to Yakimas spec for free.

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Agreed. If you decide to go aftermarket I’d suggest Rackology for local, or if online, rackattack.com. Good place to get part numbers and compare prices if nothing else.

I personally can’t stand when the load bars stick out past the towers, but to each their own.

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Third thumbs-up for Rackology, it’s where I purchased my rack system. I’m thinking about buying a different bike rack system (not the bars, just the bike rack adapter) so if you’re interested in a set of Thule Sidearm XT’s, let me know and we’ll work out a deal. :slight_smile:



I payed about 150ish for the 3 bike setup I have so it was hard for me to complain :stuck_out_tongue:


On the note of looking for a new rack system. I am looking at this currently for a certain reason :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:



I had a very negative experience at Rackology and therefor bought all my rack stuff at Cyclesmith. Bars sticking out is not a bad thing. It’s actually required to carry some things with smaller cars such as canoes.

Looks like the racks at the dealer are $339.98 installed which is a good price. I may see what I can get used but if I can’t find anything the dealer ones seems like a good deal.

Does anyone know if they can be taken on and off easily? I would like to take them off during the winter.


I know with my Yakima racks they are clipped on with a clamping mechanism similar to a tool box latch. In the photo I posted above you can see it come down into the door frame. If yours are like that they are very easy to take off with no tools at all.

Other models should come off easy as well they just might need some tools.

Have you considered a hitch rack? I’ve had a few different roof rack setups over the years after purchasing a good hitch rack I will not be going back!

BTW - Is this the same Gian I bought the Instinct 930 from last year?

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I agree… the ones with the wheel trays are dead simple and secure the bike very well.

Never seen the draw for a roof rack but obviously there are those that enjoy hoisting their rigs over their heads and adding drag to the cars aerodynamics. :wink:


For me, roof racks get used for more than just hauling bikes. :wink: But a nice hitch rack would certainly be nice!



I use mine for hauling my kayaks and the odd time there is random stuff I need to move that won’t fit in my car.

If I ever get rear ended, my bike also won’t get destroyed either unlike a hitch rack.

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Roof racks for cars, hitch racks for minivans/SUVs, bed racks for pickups.


Yes it would depend on what you may use your racks for. Hitch mount are a great option for bikes. At the end of the day it comes down to personal preference.

I absolutely love my 1UpUSA rack. Thule and Yakima cannot come close to comparing quality wise. I have it hanging off the back of my VW GTI and am very pleased.

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I share this opinion to some degree. Every time I was using a hitch rack on my 99 Civic I was nervous about having more than one bike on it if they were not road bikes. The locations of where my hitch is mounted to the car didn’t provide me with confidence due to the leverage the bikes weight put on it. Those cars just aren’t built for hitches with any tongue weight capacity at all. I use the roof rack now, mostly because I frequently carry a canoe too so I still needed the bars anyway. On my next car(Outback or Forester), I’ll have a hitch rack for bikes, and the bars for canoes.