Looking for someone for midday mid-week mountain bike rides

Hello, pretty experienced but getting on in years (mid-40s, raced expert over 30, lots of trials in my 20s and 30s, worked in a shop, spent a few years mountain biking in Tanzania, etc.) so I’m not as fast as I used to be. Frequent stops but I like moderate technical, or just flowy single track is good too. I’m in Fall River and generally just do the Spider Lake area trails but would love to have someone to go out with as 95% it’s just me (my riding partner/daughter just moved out to Banff :frowning: )

I work overseas so I’m generally off for a month or more at a time, and evening and weekends are busy with the wife, but day time anytime, I’ve got a rack for two full suspension bikes and would love to find some new spots too.

Easy going and patient, not competitive in the slightest. Just looking for someone to hit the trails with! :slight_smile:

Welcome to the site Darcy.

I can’t ride doing the day (too busy running my Empire) but I am always up for a weekend and evening ride. You can pm me and we exchange cell #'s so that I can loop you in on the ride texts. Our group is made up of over fifties and a sixty so you’ll fit in just fine. Breaks are a very big part of our rides


I am a school teacher, so once July hits, I am off for 2 months and have the freedom to ride during the day. Most of my riding buddies work during the day, so I do a lot of solo riding too. Would love to have someone to ride with, as long as you don’t mind a somewhat out of shape, but technically sound rider to hit the trails with. I can ride most anything, just not at thoroughbred speed…

I am also pretty knowledgeable with the trail systems around Metro, (Fight, Whopper, Spider) plus the trails outside of Metro, (Gorge, Anima Mundi, Victoria Park).

Prior to school finishing, I try to hit up Spider after I leave school, (I teach in Dartmouth) usually around 3:30ish, getting in for about an hour or so. Again, lots of solo riding so I would love some company.

Send me a PM and we can exchange #'s to set up some ride times…

Thanks guys, PMs on their way!

A few of us are going to Spider for 11am today. Sorry for the short notice. Make it you can. Hope to see you there and maybe we can get a few rides in later on weekday too…

Hey Darcy ,

I am usually off on Tuesdays. i am in the valley but travel to the city often. You are more than welcome to any of the Weekly MTB rides if you are ever available on Tuesday evenings.

Thanks guys, unfortunately I work overseas and I’m away from home far too much. My wife works but is home in the evenings and on weekends and I’m all hers whenever she’s around. I’m only free during the day weekdays. I appreciate the offers!

Hello Darcy. I work shift work and do almost all my riding during the week. Like you, I’m in my 40’s and don’t get out on the weekends much. I have been riding alone for years, so I couldn’t tell you how fast I am ,though I would probably say I’m pretty damn slow. I feel like I’m on a dating site or something. Anyway, I would be interested in getting out at some point.

Hi Darcy I was looking for a partner to ride in the mornings as well. I am in the similar line of work and run the same routine. I am on the way to Central America today but will be riding again as soon as I am back. I am not a pro rider by any means and don’t know the trails well but I try to get out every nice day we get and do a different trail every time. Drop me a line sometimes.

Thanks Guys, PM’s sent. I’m headed out later this morning after a grocery run.