Looking for something to do this weekend?

This is a busy weekend coming up in the bike world of ours.


Kinkora Road Race http://www.pedaltrout.com/event/cpei-citizen-road-series-2-kingqueen-of-kinkora/


Atlantic Track Open http://www.pedaltrout.com/event/atlantic-track-open/


Avalon Cup DH Race http://www.pedaltrout.com/event/white-hills-dh-race-2013-avalon-cup/


Cape Breton Stage Race http://www.pedaltrout.com/event/cape-breton-stage-road-race/
MS Bike Tour http://www.pedaltrout.com/event/ms-bike/
Gore Trail Build Day http://www.pedaltrout.com/event/gore-trail-build-day/
Wolfville Mud Creek Days http://www.wolfville.ca/experiencing-wolfville/festivals-and-events/mud-creek-days

And there are many other recreational rides, trail building opportunites and general good times to be had. Get out there and enjoy the weekend!

The King and Queen of Kinkora Road race from last weekend.

Eric and Janet at the MS ride.

Haven’t seen Rockhopper on here in awhile! Are he and Janet hitched yet?

Next month!