Looking for Sram nx eagle 30 tooth crank set

Hey hey. I’m looking for a sram nx eagle 30 tooth crankset with 175 mm arm…

Went to replace my pedals. Tbe old one was locked on good and stripped the threads… does any one know who if anyone has any in stock

I’m checking online and spindle size is getting asked but treks site doesn’t spec that for my bike. 2021 ex fuel 7

Post a pic of the damage and the internet will decide your fate. J/k

It may be possible to rethread, or somehow come up with another solution.

Kinda shitting myself here right now… currently set to goto keppoch on the 19th… but can’t ride like this

You can screw you pedal from the other side to try to redo / pass the thread back in… might be enough until you find something…


I’d check with Long Alley on the rethreading, they helped me before when I had a stripped BB on an old bike.

Just did it. It worked


Great news!

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Christophe owe you a beer on that one. I was panicking I’d have to drop 250-400 on a new crank set and bottom bracket

Lol no problemo! :slight_smile:

And trying to find something in-stock now… that is the big challenge…

Exactly!!! Sram bottom bracket is a specific spindle size to Sram too… race face site is super low on stock. And other places were atleast one month to receive from