Looking for studded fattys

Hey guys just wondering if anyones selling or if you could keep your eyes peeled for a set of 26" studded fatty tires
Would really prefer to go 2nd hand as cant really afford new. Damn those things are pricey lol
Thanks everyone

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Oh ita crazy. New starts at like 270 ish

FOR A TIRE?! That’s more than what most people pay for tires on their cars!

Oh, it’s way worse than that. You’ll pay more than $800 for a pair with tax and shipping for a set of 45Nrth Wrathchilds. That said, they last for many many seasons, so you’ll probably wear through at least 4-6 Minions by the time you wear out a pair of fatty tires that are mostly ridden on ice and snow.

Absolutely worth it.


Yup… my truck tires are all terrain mud and snows and they were only 190 each…

The maxxis minion 4.8s are around 160 throigh fatbike.com and they arent studded…

Sport wheels has the 49 norths which are studded i think they run 320 each

Economy of scale.

Facebook buy and sell. Been seeing all kinds lately.


And dont forget, you could ruin it in 30 seconds and you will 100% need to replace studs all the time.

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Well, thanks for convincing me not to buy a fat bike everyone haha.

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Found a set. Thanks guys!


I tore the sidewall on a Dillinger 5 riding on Shoreline last winter. That sucked.

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