Looking for wheelset for commuter bike project

I’m looking for a used 26" wheelset with ISO 6 Bolt hubs and light(ish) rims, preferably 559X17 or 559X19.

My budget is around $100. If you have something lying around because you’ve moved up to a 29er i will happily take them off your hands.


I’ve got a set of Mavic Crosslink that currently aren’t being used. White rims/hubs. Good shape overall, a small dent in the rear rim but has stayed true. From what I can find online they are ~1800g for the set. I’ll go $80 for the wheels, $100 for the wheels plus 2 deore discs or $120 for the wheels, discs, and 2 older style deore disc calipers/levers.

Could you post a pic of the dent

Sorry for the late reply. Here is the dent and the rear wheel. Dent is minor, I bought the wheels with the bike and did not even notice it until I got home. Wheels were ridden in whopper about 20 times with no issues. New fork has 15mm axle so not worth it for me to keep them.