Looking for xc ski friends

Any cross country skiers here? Up for some backcountry off track adventures? I know some good zones up in the Gaspereau area and would be glad to tour some folks around.


yes sir, I have back country nordic kit and ski a lot in valley (usually north mountain)
just waiting on snow

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Nice! We can trade zones some time!

I try to get a few laps of the Halifax commons in on the few days we have snow here.

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Any one up for a ski tomorrow afternoon in the Gaspereau area? Conditions should be amazing.

My GF is going out tomorrow alone and would likely be down to meet up. You guys know each other, we have gone snow shoeing together with Micheal, Phil and Bekah a ways back. Pm me if your interested and I’ll connect you guys.

ended up arranging a fat bike ride for this morning so might skip the skis today but thanks for the offer!