Losing the Stinky Stuff We value



I used to leave broken things in the bed of my truck until some idiot would steal them.
Felt it was a bit of karma knowing that when they got home they had stolen something useless. I’ve rid myself of warn out floor pumps, a well pump, vacuum cleaner, someone even stole very worn out commercial floor mats!
Since switching to a car I try to keep everything out of sight when parking at a trail head because assholes will steal absolutely anything.

My wife doesn’t value a Rubbermaid tote full of dirty bike stuff enough for me to have around the house, so it lives in my car. Just last week I had a pair ( the second pair ) of prescription sunglasses stolen out of my, oops, unlocked car. Didn’t touch my knee pads though.

Break into my car and I catch ya, well ever hear about a sasquatch attack? No? Exactly.