Lost a watch at Fight Trail

Lost a Timex digital watch at Fight Trail this morning. Would love to get it back if anyone finds it. Just a cheapy but has some sentimental value

That same one again?

hahaha yeah

Dang! Hope it comes back to you again!

Any luck getting that watch back Muddy?

Never did sadly. I even moved on and bought a new one.

Been out much lately? Getting my usual Sat and Sun morning rides with my crew and now my wife has a bike and enjoys the Rails to Trails. I go for a rip with the boys for 2-3 hours at Fight and my 52yr old ass can hardly move when I’m done. Now when I come through the door she says “let’s go for a ride” and off I go for 30-50km with her. I love her to death but she’s driving me hard. I remember when “let’s go for a ride” meant something completely different :smile:

Get out one night a week usually by myself. A business associate rides Shubie and wanted to try riding singletrack. Threw him on Replicator and Ribbon of Love. So he loved it. We rode the entire trail system except for Skull. He fell a bunch of times and came out alive so he can’t wait to go again.

You are welcome to come for a ride with us any time. We can ride just about anything and can clean most climbs but we are not exactly the fastest bunch