Lost: ecmtb banner

Would the person who kindly picked up our banner please let us know. My contact info is mike 902-220-0848. We are a non profit website made of folks volunteering our time.

Let’s hope it turns up. I’d like to take it to AHC’15.

Yeah, that’s too bad. We would have looked totally pro if we had that banner on our tent while we’re warming up on our trainers. :sob:

We still have the umbrella girls, right?

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Bromoc (@muddy), has stepped up for us again and have provided a replacement!

Please, still keep an eye out for the one that was stolen. It is single sided, while the new one is double sided.

Note, if in your professional life (or otherwise) you have need of a printing job or banner, consider Bromoc. They are friend in the MTB community. Which is an awesome thing. Thanks @muddy!


Huge shout out to Bromoc! You’ve saved our butt!

Thanks @muddy!

Thanks again @muddy the new banner looks great and was nice chatting with you.

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Thanks for the love guys. I will always do my best to support the riding community.

Having said that, I would love to help out with any printing/signage needs that anyone has. I’m ALWAYS looking for more business and can never seem to find enough

902 497 2900

gets you in touch with me. Straight to the man at the top baby