Lost: fox elbow pad


Hey Gang, I seem to have misplaced a black/grey Fox elbow pad at Keppoch today. I’m 95% sure it’s either in one of the outdoor changing rooms or in the parking lot. I’m frequently traveling between HRM and Antigonish area, so even just to know it’s in a lost and found in the lodge would be a huge help. Thanks!


I seen it there tonight and put it on the fence post!


Thanks man!


Funny we didn’t see you there.


I scoped out the new trails on the other side of the quarry, then played for a bit on the east side (east of awesome, noodle, finger, chute ,Annie the camel) before climbing up to the summit and back down chicken cougar. Saw a car with ECMTB sticker on it in parking lot-thought maybe you guys might be on the west side, but I was out of time and had to head home!