Lost fox gloves at bowater

Lost a pair of red fox legion gloves today jan 1st at bowater road.

First Time riding there but not totally sure the trail I was on when I noticed they were gone from my pocket.

It would be greatly appreciated if someone spots them and picks them up for me

They are in a tree near the halfway point on Jigsaw. I’ve attached a map with the approximate location (yellow circle).


Funny when I look at Bowater on Trail Forks I don’t get any of those trails to show.

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Awesome. Now If i can just get back out there this is weekend

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I’ll take a rip up there tomorrow before it snows if I have time.

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Awesome. If you do shoot me a msg

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Will do

I believe you need to have a subscription to Trailforks to get maps outside your immediate area.

Some trails can also be marked hidden by admins and only seen by other users with similar permission or invitation.

I’m a subscriber and only see the Fire Road and Pipeline road marked in that area, none of the actual hiking / MTB trails.

If you can make your way to the system they’re fairly clearly marked though.

Weird I pay for Trailforks subscription and don’t see any of these trails in the Bowater area on mine. I have wondered what trails people are riding there so it would be nice if they showed on the map.

I’m the regional admin for the Bowater trails, thats why I can see them on my version of the app. Currently the only Bowater trails on trailforks are the logging and fire roads. The entire trail network is currently unsanctioned and it won’t be visible on trailforks until that changes.


I’m walking jigsaw right now ran Into 3 oc the guys i rode with yesterday. They mentioned craig didnt see them . If anyone here picked them up. I have my truck at bike n bean it’s the blue gmc canyon

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Unfortunately I didn’t see them, and nobody that i ran into did either. Someone must have grabbed them out of the tree late yesterday or early today.

Yah that’s my guess I’m long gone… annoying part is fox is totally sold out of that glove othet tuan 2xl

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