Lower clasp; bombers

Hey guys; anyone have an extra lower clasp for a bomber? I attached photos of what I’m looking for.

If someone has one or could lead me in a direction to get one would be awesome! Thanks.

Check with this guy-

He was able to help me out with some older Marzocchi parts.

Cyclesmith had a few of those kicking around in the small parts drawer downstairs. They come in many different variations so if you want to give them a try you should bring your fork in to confirm fit.

Don’t recommend riding without them in place, right Pepperjester?


When it let go we rode it out cause we were only a short way out; but everytime apply front brake it would kick the tire over against this stantion. Kinda little sketchey! Lol

I’ll call cycle smith tomorrow.

Email the pictures to domestique@cyclesmith.ca. He’ll have a poke around in the parts dept tomorrow.


Pictures of what? Something he doesn’t have? ha ha.

I know that there were some there but they could be for any version but his I’m afraid, why I strongly suggest bringing the fork in. I think at one point they were even different for left and right, wtg marzocchi.

To determine if they should bother going in or not. Maybe they live in butt fuck nowhere Tatamagouche. Maybe there is one close, maybe there is not. Maybe the pictures could be good enough to tell. Maybe the pictures would have some measurements with them.

Ha ha, maybe. Cool yer jets. Definitely worth calling or email ahead, I get that, just for the final answer he should bring the fork in, the reason you even have whatever is there in inventory is because people special ordered the wrong part(s) on multiple occasions.

Only one small part was found that had a similar purpose and it was definitely different. Saved him a trip.

cool as a cucumber btw.

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I’ll have to upload that video…

And in all seriousness… Do not ride that with out the clamp!!! (but if you do, have a video camera running at all times)


Fabricated a mounting clasp last night in the garage. Double layered and notched to fit the axle nut.


Slick. You’re going to put holes through it for the bolts I imagine?

This looks like (part of) what you need:


@gtrguy I searched everywhere for one; spent more time looking then what it was worth to make one! Lol called couple different bike shops; none could help.

@tossedsalad yeah; lol I welded it all together, drilled the holes and put bolts in place! Lol It’s not a “quick release” anymore, but hey, atleast the wheels not gonna fall off @Pepperjester lol if that’s what happened; still didn’t see the video! Haha :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging: Lol

They were never “quick release” anyway. I don’t know why they just didn’t make the whole axle bolt in like on boxxers of the day. I had the same system on a marz fork I can’t remember the name of. I was like “wtf is there a qr skewer on the hub if I have to unbolt it all anyway?”

Might take a bit of hunting around to find the video, it’s on a CD somewhere. This was the outcome of not having both of the clamps. . .


God. What a garbage retention system.

Marz made such great stuff for a very long time and then completely lost their way.

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