MacIntosh Run News

Is this good or bad news?

Its great news!

Does this include Fight trail?

Includes most of Fight Trail except parts of the Flat Lake Loop north-east of Flat Lake and the “Secret Single Track”.

I just hope we don’t end up with another Wrandees on our hands

The secret to avoiding wrandees situation is optimizing the average dog shit distance (ADSD). After that point, the trail will be good.

Wrandees is too short. Most of it lies within the ADSD.

Maybe i’m overspeaking here, but I think the “built by mtn bikers for mtn bikers” attitude might prevail enough that idiots get tuned up real quick for being idiots.

Trail construction plans will be presented at an open house Oct 15 at the Cpt. William Spry Community Centre 5-8pm. … pe=regular

And to be clear, by tuned i mean I think mtn bikers are more likely to say “Hey, clean up your dogs shit” than walkers. But I guess I’m stereotyping.

we finally get an official honest to god single track trail system recognized and signed off on by not one but two levels of government and the best you guys come up with is talking about dog shit. folks this is huge and it will give us the reference for further discussions with all levels of government so we can move forward with other projects within ns and not have to start from scratch in explaining mtb and single track trails and whistler standards. we all need to stand behind this and show support for the years of effort it has taken to get to this point.

This is awesome. So much hard work has been done over the years to get to this point. MRWA rocks!! Can’t wait to see how things have progressed since I was involved.

I think the greatest problem with regard to the trails at Long Lake was not the dog shit explosion that started around 1998 or so, but the inability to legally maintain trails and usage, which was exasperated by a group of heads up their asses types and a willingness of government (Administration and elected officials) to allow the heads up their asses folk to continue to propagate the nothingness, as it did not cost anything. This problem was probably the result of the trails existing long before it got on anyone’s radar, which is good and bad. I doubt we would have had the trails to enjoy if it was approached the same way as McIntosh Run. Kudos to the volunteers spearheading the McIntosh Run initiative and putting the horse before the cart this time around.

I do take exception to the claims that the ‘small’ loops at Long Lake are more damaging than the longer proposed routes at McIntosh Run, however. Had it been possible to legally maintain the various trails and keep people on the trails (hey, dog walkers, I’m talking to you douchebags) through formal means, I think we would still be enjoying Long Lake trails now like we did in 1998. Unfortunately the heads up their asses crowd made it pretty clear early on that what we have now is preferred to formal maintained trails. (blech).

Lucky for the McIntosh Run people, they don’t have ‘guardian angels’ of the trail who sell seashells and are basically insane. :ugeek:

I haven’t seen a follow up posted so here’s my take…

After seeing the presentation, I’m stoked on the project and others are as well. The right people are involved and working hard at it. I’m going to keep an eye out for the call to volunteers. Hopefully, we can rally around this.

With easy and intermediate trail segments, I am hoping this trail being in the Sportwheels / ECMTB weekly ride rotation.

Kudos to Kaarin and the team!

Agreed. What they’ve been given the green light to do is impressive to say the least. A network of singletrack trails built to IMBA standards on one of the most unique landscapes in the province. Above all these trails will set a precedent for HRM and the province to follow when considering new areas to open up to the public.
If you’re interested in volunteering here’s a link to do so:

The more volunteers they get the faster these trails will get built and the sooner we can all enjoy riding them.

Hmmm… IMBA, for some reason, I thought it was Whistler Trail Standard. Anyone have a link to the IMBA standard docs?

The “trail solutions” book is probably your best bet. It’s not online per-se, but they mention a bunch of their key points on the imba website, eg: Most of what they talk about is for trails with abundant mineral dirt, which Fight trail has very little of. I guess we’ll be mostly sticking to things like rock work and ladder bridges/etc.

On the upside, it’s the perfect place to do some nice rock work.

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