Maize Maze Ride Update Please

I always get super excited about the corn maze ride but I’m worried about the damage to the maze from Dorian. Any reports from the valley on the condition of the maze and a potential ride date?

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I checked out the corn maze and it’s not in very good shape with the two storms and high winds we’ve had down this way.

Honestly not worth the drive down. Sorry folks…

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I was up there last weekend doing the family day thing and most of the maze has been flattened.



:cry: Maze rides are some of the most fun all year! What other foolishness can we get into?


Working on something…stay tuned!


We went apple and pumpkin picking yesterday and though the maze is blown down it might still be fun to ride…especially if conditions are slick.

Any news on a ride tomorrow night?

We only get permission to enter the maze starting November 3rd. Please do not go in before then.

I am planning on riding on Sunday evening, but I’m going to be honest…it’s not going to be like previous years. I’m planning on heading in at about 6:45-7.


Okay, thank you Mike. I may try to get down but the weather is not looking great for Sunday.