Making the switch to TrailForks…

I’ve got a bit of a bug bear with Strava, no real reason, it’s just built up over the years. I’m looking to go full Trail Forks. Has anyone ditched Strava and moved over?

I have two considerations:

  • does Strava make data freely available to trail and other development groups? Or is it reasonably priced? If theres some collective benefit I can run it in the background.

  • can Trailforks be set up as an automated service with Garmin 520? I just switch the Garmin on ride then turn it off and rarely look back on the data. I already run Trailforks maps on it.

  • Strava does not make any data freely available. And when they do sell, it is to large municipal-level accounts (and budgets). The only collective benefit I can see is if HRM purchases strava data, but doubt that is in the cards.

  • Yes, you can automatically pump Garmin activities to Trailforks. You can even leave them ‘private’ if you desire, and anonymized trail check-in data is provided to the trail association (be sure to set ‘Generate check-ins’ in the settings).

EDIT: once you have a Trailforks account, you should be able to use this URL to set up import.


I also jumped to Trailforks this past weekend and no complaints thus far. Just need to decide on whether to keep tracking with my phone or invest in a GPS watch or cycling computer.

I switched to a gps watch in 2014 then a Garmin 520 in 2016. The GPS track is much more accurate than a phone and it’s good to have a map and stats in front of me. Also no notifications interrupting. Definitely worth the shift.

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Thanks for confirming!

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Anyone know anything about connecting the 2 platforms together ? Seems redundant…

For people who want to record or share on a lot of apps, it might be useful. For most, redundant I agree.

One use case I’ve heard of is Garmin–>Trailforks as the main record keeping, then selectively send activities from TF to Strava if you were gunning for a KOM on that day…

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I’ve always had TrailForks feeding off Strava, TF wasn’t as functional when it was introduced.

I turned it on so it recorded stats for the local trail building clubs.

My first ridelog on TF is May 15th 2014, first on Strava is June 30th 2013. I had an app before that too but can’t remember what it was.