Map of trails in Pictou

Looks like a new place to visit…I’m liking it all these trails to ride!

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From Sherry Huybers Withers via Pictou County Cycling:

Here’s a map of the trails by the prison. The Green Mile is the original trail built by Ted Green and Yusuf Legere that I refurbished this past summer. The rest of the trails are new ones that I built.


Looks like it is just past New Glasgow on the way to Antigonish. The exit before you see the A. W. Leil Cranes mansion.

Wow lots of riding options happening over that way. Now to find the time and a drive.

Yup exit 26 Thorburn/Sherbrooke

As a Westville-ite I’ll correct you and say Pictou County. Pictou is a small town about 30km from here :stuck_out_tongue:

Here here!!