MARC Enduro - Aug. 12

Is anyone thinking of heading to Bridgewater this Saturday to race in the enduro?
I’d like to go, but it’s starting to sound like hardly anyone will be coming to race. Enduro races aren’t much fun without anyone showing up.

I find it strange that it’s not a more popular racing category in the region.

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I’d like to but gotta work on Saturday.

Boo, work!

I haven’t been to the MARC but there’s not really all that much trail there is there? A total of 4.3km combined from the trail map I looked at. What’s the difficulty like? For some reason I assumed pretty entry level but maybe I’m way off.

@TrailFlow just added this new stuff at the MARC, but not sure how much distance it would add.

From their instagram page…


Sweet! That looks more like it… going to have to take a trip down to check it out.

Its a decent spot actually, the XC race there is quite good. Typical in NS, there isn’t a lot of elevation for an Enduro, but I think it will be fun. I am hoping to go.


I’m heading in. Should be a good time!


I expect they will use this new trail during the race. It’s branches of an exiting trail - short and sweet, than continues down towards the ball fields allowing you to then connect on the the trail that runs to the saw dust pit. Should make a nice Enduro lap.

It’s got a few nice little rock drops, rock gardens and fast sections. Good times!


What is the climb stages like on these enduros. @JoshM, would it be equivalent to climbing the Fitz climb in 30mins?

Usually during an Enduro you have timed stages (point to point, usually mostly downhill, with some shorter climbs) that are timed. In between each timed section, you would have a liaison to get to your next lap. These are usually climbs to get back up to your next race stage, however you aren’t timed.

Basically you are timed on the DH, not the climbs. Lowest combined times on the stages wins.

For these portions is there a cutoff? Or is it plenty of time to climb to the liaison without getting gassed in the process.

Ive been in Enduros where you had to be back at the top to check in for your next lap within 25 minutes, but I have also been at races where there was no time limit.
Not sure what the rules on this one will be.

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