Marin Bike Dealers in NS

My wife’s 15 yo nephew wants to get a mountain bike and has come to me. He was sold on a Trance but now decided he doesn’t want to spend that much and is aiming for around $1,500. So he came to me for advice.

I think a Marin San Quentin 2 would fit the bill pretty well, it’s $1,649+tax so in the ball park and he can find the rest. It’s a well price build and only needs a brake upgrade and dropper which I can easily sort.

But I can’t find a Marin dealer to go have a look. Any ideas?

Also suggestions of similar bikes in the price range would be awesome.

First similar bike that comes to mind which may be easier to source locally could be the Trek Roscoe 7 or 8

Also the specialized fuse is right around that price.

I got my Rocky Mountain Fusion 40 last year for a similar price after adding a dropper and it’s been treating me well.


I dunno, I’d probably try to stick with something similar sold locally. I know more experienced people are good with online bike purchases but I think in this case the support of a shop is warranted.

Could also look at the Giant Stance… seems to get good reviews and give you the dealer support network.

The Stance as a little too expensive (and a lot sold out).

I’m not too concerned about dealer support for an aluminium hardtail frame. (I have had issues with Giant Advanced frames and they’ve been awesome)

I’ve got most tools and he’s got great mechanical aptitude, he’s been building engines with his father and grandfather for his whole life.

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Seems weird to me to hunt down a far off brand nobody has sold here since the early 2000’s. Most manufacturer make a similar bike, although I don’t think there is stock of anything anywhere.

There’s a few reasons:

  1. All of the big name brands have been sold out for months.
  2. There aren’t that many trail hardtails that are slack and playful.
  3. It’s a great value for money bike.
  4. I was looking for a local Marin dealer because I didn’t know they weren’t sold here. I’m used to Marin being available.

Seems reasonable.

I rode a Marin Mount Vision for 3+ years and loved it…they make incredible bikes in my opinion…

It is unfortunate that there are no dealers here, but it didn’t stop me…

You can reach out to Marin Canada, as I did, and they will put you in touch with a dealer to get your bike. I dealt with Island Cycles in B.C., and they were amazing…

If you are looking for something closer, they have a big presence in Quebec, and there are many dealers there that have multiple options in stock. I have been to JH Lamontagne and Boutique le Pedalier myself, both in Quebec CIty, and they had a solid selection of Marins, including hardtails…

I would suggest either reaching out to these shops, or contacting Marin Canada…

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