Mark's Mecca

Thanks Hammer!

I appreciate the directions and the updates! A lot can change in four years, so my plan was to go scope things out with my GPS before givin’er snot.

Also, once I get out there, if anyone is interested I can provide them the GPS data.

Hey Guys,

Four years ago I was living in Pictou County and did a lot of riding on Fitzpatrick and throughout Trenton Park. I also remember some rides on “Mark’s Mecca”. A long story short, I’ve moved back from Vancouver and am in Pictou County again, but my memory has not been good enough to remember how to get to Mark’s Mecca. All I can remember is Exit 25, head south toward Plymouth …

Can anyone provide some assistance? I downloaded the GPS map for Google Earth, but did not find it listed.



EDIT: PS - Once I have my bike back in good order, I need to get back into it and explore the area. As a result, I don’t mind setting up my GPS and getting some maps of Trenton Park and Mark’s Mecca made.

pop by Pictou County Cycle I’m sure the boys will help you out

they’re a friendly bunch

Send Hammer (aka) Mark a PM.

Thanks! I need to get some stuff at the shop in the next few days, so I’ll check in then.