Marysville Place aka MVP

Go there it is really really good and getting better by the day! With the new trails it is becoming some of the best riding in New Brunswick.

Here’s a quick video of me figuring out what I could and could not jump.


Ohhhh man I need to go here :heart_eyes: so many gaps

Great video, great approach to riding new trails.

Safety first! There is no other way on this kind trail. You would end up injured for sure. It takes a few runs to know what is coming and what speed to hit them at.

The camera doesn’t relate the scale of these features at all. Some of those gaps are 10’ or more, the biggest drop must be approaching 10’ by the time you get to the landing. The unfinished on/off box was taller than me. I got more confident as the day went on but still skipped some of the biggest features, too scary to do riding alone. That’s what I told myself anyway.


Take notes, @Chris_Dwyer-perkins ! LOL!