Marzocchi pump adapter

So I am now the owner of a 2002 Marzocchi Bomber (MX?). It’s in great shape and I want to try it on a couple older bikes I have with straight 1 1/8 head tubes. What I don’t have is this little shock pump adapter to adjust the air in it. Anyone have one taking up space in their tool box they want to get rid of?

Its the long reach adapter for the air chamber right? I do recall some people back in the day taking old long valve tubes, cutting the valve off, tapping the inside threads to make one if you can’t find one and are desperate.

There is a ghetto fix for everything! Yes it is for the air chamber. I’ll have to take another look at what the original looks like.

I think I have one of these. Will take a look.

That would be great! Thanks.

Is this the style you’r looking for?


If so, I’ve got one you can have.

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PM’d you.