Mass Start Race - POSTPONED

Happening right here in NS., Ski Cape Smokey, Feb 28.


Who is going?

Added that event box to put it on the calendar.

Depending on the situation with my kids I’d be interested, perhaps some of us would consider a carpool ???

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Bring a posse and book the Highlands hostel. I promise you will thank me.


If anyone is seriously considering going up from HRM and area, drop me a line, I’d be down to share travel expenses (gas etc…) and take my truck up, room for me plus three comfortably, possibly 4

Further to my last post, I was looking up the Highland Hostel and have been communicating with them, there are still vacancies, so the offer still stands, I can transport 3 or 4 with me, bikes, gear, and all, chip for gas and pay your own food and lodging.

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With NS winter weather I usually plan stuff last minute.( snow good, rain bad) As of right now, I plan to be there, will likely do a day or two of back country skiing while there.

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I went to the version of this last year, it was an absolute blast! Can’t make it this year, but I would highly recommend going.

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Really hope to see some of you folks there. We know it’s short notice. There’s so much to do around the region. The cold temps tomorrow will allow things to set up nicely.
The hostel is truly an experience. Have stayed a few times this winter alone. The area where the hostel is could be the most beautiful place on earth and very close to South Ridge Wilderness Trails too. Worth a BC ski or snowshoe trip. Might be rideable on fatties too.


Heard this was postponed because of the covid restrictions. FYI

Nothin’ on the Facebook event page yet.


Rest in pepperoni

Keep your schedules flexy cause we’re trying to pull this one together tentatively the weekend after March Break. The ski hill’s schedule is already packed that week though! Should be fun either way :slight_smile: Thanks, folks!