MBH Discussions with Long Lake Park Association

From MBH:

More good news from Mountain Bike Halifax.

We are very pleased to announce that Mountain Bike Halifax has met with both the MLA for Halifax Atlantic, Brendan Maguire as well as the Long Lake Provincial Park Association who are supportive of the development of multi-use single track trails on the south west side of Long Lake in Long Lake Provincial Park. Conversations are in the preliminary phase and we are currently engaging further stakeholders in talks related to creating this network.

Long Lake Provincial Park has had one of the longest histories of mountain bike trails in HRM and Mountain Bike Halifax is working to continue that legacy with the development of a formally approved trail network. Stay tuned for further developments.

To support this effort and other mountain bike related initiatives, consider getting a membership with Mountain Bike Halifax at Membership – Mountain Bike Halifax Association.


Great news!

Wow! Way to go MBH :+1:t3:

Fantastic news. We seem to get more support every year from different levels of government. Love the direction this is going.
Good work to everyone involved.



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now their cooking!

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Great work!