McDonald/Shubie connector?

I was out on Wednesday night, and rode the new trail from Rocky Lake Rd near the Powder Mill Lake, toward Shubie.
Does anyone know the plan for this - is it a private road (part of Dexter’s quarry operation), or an extension of the trail system that could connect Shubie with McDonald Park?
I haven’t seen any mention of this on any local sites, but there was some new construction that is taking the trail across the marshy area toward the upper end of the Lake Charles portion of Shubie.
Would be a great ride if it could connect the 2 parks, and with a quick access to Spider Lake.

That is actually part of the Shubie Canal Greenway Trail/Trans Canada Trail. It has been stalled for a number of years, the plan is to have connect Shubie to Rocky Lake Dr and to Fall River maybe beyond.

I’ve heard that they may have started work on it again maybe whatever was stalling them before has been resolved most likely Land Owner Agreements, money or Environmental approval. I can’t find a link to the back story from the Shubenacadie Canal Commission or HRM at the moment.

Here’s a map of what is planned:

A bit more detail on concept for Fall River:


Always so informative, @bent6543!

From the Shubenacadie Canal Comission 2015/16 Annual Report:

Nova Scotia Moves Program -Lake Williams Trail development
The Shubenacadie Canal Commission (SCC), in partnership with three community associations,
undertook to lead the completion the Lake William. Dexter’s has completed the trail to where
wetlands begin. Environmental permits have been submitted and work across this area is
expected to be completed in 2016. HRM has purchased the former Chappel lands and planning
for the connection from Lake Charles to Lake William will begin soon.

It appears that the Shubenacadie Watershed Environmental Protection Society (SWEPS) is one of the groups involved, their March 2014 Meeting Minutes states that there were land ownership issues with the Lake William Trail at that point. They don’t seem to post minutes anymore, but it seems that issue has been resolved.

On a side note they seem to have some big plans for the Fall River area, with no apparent cycling/MTB input.

Thanks for the info. I’m surprised the SCC hasn’t posted more for this to their sites, but it’s great news for trail riding on the Dartmouth side.

I contacted the Shubenacadie Canal Commission and some work is being done now. This is the crux of what they had to say about the trail:

“An application for funding for design of the section from Lake Charles to Lake William has been submitted. After it is designed funding for construction will need to be found. Realistically that section of trail will not be completed before 3 years time.”

I ride this trail a lot, I wonder why they are doing a bit of work in there now if they don’t have design or funding in place for it to continue?
They seem to be just extending the trail a bit past where it stopped before, just at the base of a wetland area, its staked all the way across.

It is Dexter doing the work in there, maybe they had some extra fill they needed to get rid of?

My guess would be to make access easier for the design phase beyond the marsh.

Is there a rideable trail from Shubie at the 118 to Rocky Lake Rd at all yet? Like any sort of path that has just as of yet not been incorporated into the well-groomed trail system?

I have wondered this too, there may be something from the shubie side, but likely runs into the wetland areas and stops.

No trail… even if you bushwacked there is the wetland area and a big inflow to Lake William that is likely impassable as well. The trail on the Shubie side ends at the Portobello Inclined Plane.

Following up on this - any news on when it’s expected to be completed? Still seeing it’s in progress technically.

They are still working on it. The obvious roughed in additions are on both ends but are not complete yet. The Shubie Park end at the Portobello inclined plane is receiving the most work currently. There is a new bridge and work is in progress but is is by no means connected. There is at least one major bridge to go in still. I have heard encouraging things from Municipal staff but no ETA on completion. Personally I wouldn’t expect it to happen this fiscal year.