McDonald Sports Park

A message from the McDonald Sports Park FB page…

MacDonald Sport Park will be groomed for cross country skiing again this year. The Waverley Amateur Athletic Association (WAAA) have an agreement with Halifax Nordic Ski Club (HNC) to permit HNC to groom the trails and offer weekend ski lessons for kids and adults. The volunteer grooming team spend many hours ,usually at night, grooming the various trails in the park for both styles of nordic skiing, classic and skate skiing. The WAAA has designated the Shirley Ann Trail, the trail that runs along Lake Thomas, as multi use for snow shoeing, walking, & skiing.The remaining trails are designated for skiing only. Please respect the efforts of our groomers and walk on the side of the designated multi use trail.
The WAAA has cross country skis ,boots and poles to loan for anyone interested in trying out this wonderful winter activity. Please visit the WAAA website for further information. If you are interested in registering a child into the Saturday morning ski program please contact Halifax Nordic Ski Cub

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i.e. no bikes allowed.

You don’t think they would let fat bikes on the walking permitted trail? A walkers boot causes more damage then a fat bike would.

Posting more as a discussion peace then a “I’m going to take my fat bike there”. We have lots of other places we can ride so I don’t feel the need to push hard on this topic :stuck_out_tongue:

Is this different from previous years? They always have grooming there, and we’d have to avoid groomed trails. Have they expanded their grooming? Is it still possible to access any of the singletrack?

Last year then moment snow hit the park we stayed completely out.

It just takes one person to muck it up and we are all blamed.

It’s not like we enjoy riding in soft snow.