Mcintosh run

Hey guys tried mcintosh run today for the first time. Had a blast! I only did the attic
What are some of the best trails i should try next time?


Glad to hear you had a blast there today. My advice, check out the whole front area; osprey, schnitzel, attic, spar, they are all wicked!


Osprey is good. Up over the hill to climb of mortals and down to the lake is fun.

Schnitzel is a project that ECMTB worked on so you gotta try that too. :slight_smile:


Right on. Thanks guys. Ill make sure to try them out next time.
Love how everything’s signed. Ive mostly only done spiderlake and i find the skull trail can get a little confusing the further out u go.

Lately one of my fave routes is to start farther down at the divide trail to spar to in/out popping out at the cul sac, back in on osprey then into the second entrance (clockwise) into schnitzel. From there depending on how you feel, attic to basement to flat lake loop!
After that I usually run out of time/energy and go have a post ride brew


McIntosh Run trails are sanctioned, whereas Spider Lake trails are not. There’s some signage around Spider, but it was created privately and sometimes disappears thanks to hooligans or entitled hunters who like to discourage hikers and bikers from scaring “their” deer. I plan to do an awful lot of noisy riding in Spider Lake this hunting season… :wink:


Personally my favourite is gords gold and osprey. But gords is quite hard and scary if you’ve never ridden steep rock slabs but your not really supposed rise there anymore because it’s on private property I think.

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Gord’s is outside of the officially sanctioned McIntosh Run trail network, but you can still ride there.


Is it just me or is flat lake on the tougher side of intermediate or am i worse than i thought lol?

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Intermediate is often in the eye of the beholder.


Haha so true

Truth. Lots of blue in Fight that makes me feel real old.