McNab's Island-Sat Oct 4th **POSTPONED**

Is anyone interested in exploring McNab’s Island by bike? McNabs doesn’t have any screaming singletrack, but it does have some really cool WWI and WWII military forts, old abandoned homes, graveyards, lighthouse, and tons of natural features to check out. We’d probably be off our bikes exploring more than we’d be riding, but a bike is definitely the best way to get around on the island’s old roads/wagon cart paths. It really is a special place that not many people have experienced.

There’s a ferry that leaves from Eastern Passage to take us and our bikes over (return trip is $20 per person, cash only). You don’t have to pay until you board the boat so if something comes up and you can’t make it you won’t be out any money.

Weather permitting, a few of us are going on the morning of Saturday October 4th and will be there for about 4 hours. If you’re interested just let me know - as always, the more the merrier.

Here’s a map of all the points of interest to check out.

Neat idea.

The weather doesn’t look great for the weekend, so we’ve decided to postpone this. I’ll post it up again when we reschedule.

Hopefully I’ll be able to make the new date. This sounds like fun!

This sounds like a good time. Will keep an eye out for the new date.

This sounds like a good time, to me! Keep us up to date.