Mental Triumphs, Self High Fives, and Barry Horowitzing

This topic is for people to post and document those special moments on a ride where you’ve overcome your fears and rode something you were previously unable to due to crippling fear and anxiety. Each and every ride I try to overcome at least one obstacle that I was too scared to do before. How many times have you hopped off the bike and simply walked down or around a steep roll, a rock drop, or walked across a shaky-looking bridge, or carried your bike up a difficult climb while others make it look so easy?

It’s an exhilarating feeling when you have these mental and physical moments of triumph and you know you will never have to hop off the rig at that spot again. Let’s celebrate them! Give yourself a Barry Horowitz for us here at Pedal Trout. (Barry Horowitz…former WWF jobber known for patting himself on the back after doing something awesome)

I still consider myself a beginner MTBer with 2 years of riding under my belt but I’m getting better with each and every ride. Every time I rode at Spider Lake, parts of Skull Trail have always instilled some hesitation and avoidance in certain spots…Today I conquered a number of previous failures. My favourite being rolling down the big rooty hill on the way out of Skull. Although for many…it’d be no big deal to ride down it…but for me…doing it today was huge.

Congrats Pat on gaining some new found confidence!

There are no small deals when it comes to overcoming… we’ve all been there.

And that is what mountain biking is all about! Keep on progressing. It’s so much fun to clean new stuff each time you do it.

I had a few triumphs this weekend.

Its pretty exhilarating… like hammering with full commitment to hop onto a steep granite slope and then following up with a careful and deftly balanced climb up its face.

The feeling of conquering a challenge is awesome! Physically small or large it’s always a rush. Here’s to continued progression!

most recent was last week in whopper… finally maintaining speed and launching off everything through the last tough section on the way out…

and the week prior finally working the nerve up to jump the river in phase 2 at gorge…

You can hear your heart beating in that first vid. Lol.

Love that you got these on video…reinforces my desire to invest in a cam. Nice barreling over everything at Whopper!

was at Whopper today and coming out the same section as Kinger’s first vid above. I’ve never ridden the whole way out of there especially around the 1:00 mark. I chickened out again today riding with Pelham…but I went back and rode it again determined to do it. Rolled right through the steps on the way down the tough section…will never have “the fear” in the that spot again!! Wooo!

In the whopper vid the combo of slack head tube and camera angle kinda makes it look like you’re doing a wheelie the whole time. Way to clean that section that always feels good.