Michelin Wild Race'R Advanced Tubeless tires for sale

Better store it in a shed for the next 17 :slight_smile:

I’m doing the same for at least this summer. That is living with what I gots, amping it up a bit or rather just giving it some TLC. Hopefully 29er of some sort next summer.

So, after all the hype and waiting, they messed up my order. Just in time for this weekend’s race, for you at least.


I wanted non-tubeless and got tubeless. Very not happy, but I can pass the deal along to you. 26" x 2.10, 110 TPI, very nice looking and feeling. Just not what I wanted, as they are a bit heavier than a non-tubeless version of the same. Epic fail on Lambert’s part. So, I need to offload them to try order another set of race tires from someone intelligent/literate.

Retails normally at $160, I am asking $120 just to get rid of them. Aaron @ 489-2766


Will take a good non-disc front hub towards trade on them as well. Like M900 XTR to match my rear, or something similar in new/great shape.

Lambert won’t eat it and take them back?

ouuuuh…get 29", less tire options, less mistakes…*doh!

I didn’t bother calling them back as it was a staff deal from a PK session. Also, they might have a new home soon.

The next bike will probably be a 29er, but I’m hoping to get another 19 years out of my current bike.