Mid travel trail bike with coil?

Does anyone have any experience with mid travel trail bikes with coils? 130mm of travel roughly. The bike I am looking at will be 150/130 and I am thinking of putting a coil on the rear and I am curious as to how it will behave. The linkage is progressive and is comparable with coil and air. Wondering how the bikes handling will compare to a longer travel bike. Thanks everyone

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I have zero coil spring knowledge, but I just saw this and am guessing it could be helpful to you: https://youtu.be/lCT3LeDRKtM

Disclaimer: I didn’t watch the video and don’t plan to. Sorry if it didn’t give you the information you want!


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Just waiting for a heavier coil to complete the bike, then I can tell you how handles. I’m about 200lb with gear so I already have to replace the coil that came on it just to get the sag worked out .That part is a bit of a pain but there are a few on Pink Bike but and sell. The frame is a Knolly, the shock a CCDB coil IL.

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What’s the stroke length and leverage ratio for your bike? And travel. Do coils blow though their travel?

IThe stroke length is 50mm. Not sure of the ratio but I believe Knolly is on the low side. It’s travel is 130 out back and meant to be 150 forward. My Pike is 160. Gonna try it that way. I can’t say whether it will blow through its travel. I haven’t had a chance to really send it off anything. I just put on a 550lb coil and it feels pretty firm. I have the sag but I’m thinking I’ll need some time to really get it set and balanced with the fork. I haven’t read to many comments in forums about riders blowing through their travel.

Have you ridden your knolly with a air spring? How does it compare? The bike I am looking at is also 130mm of travel but slightly longer stroke. My concern was that with coils being linear that the 130mm would just be blown though.

No I haven’t tried the bike with air.
The shock options for the frame consisted of two air shocks and this coil. I’ve never used a coil so I thought I would give it a go. I can always change it out if it doesn’t work well for me but the benefits of running a coil were appealing and seem to fit with my riding style, which doesn’t consist of a lot of jumps besides the occasional trip to Keppoch.

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Your Knolly suspension design is already progressive so a standard coil should be fine I’d imagine.

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Curious. What bike are you looking at and what shock?

GT sensor carbon pro 2020. I think I am am going to stick with the DPX2 that comes on it. Lots of unknowns. Have some other upgrades in mind though. Thanks for all the info! Let me know what you think of the coil.

Nice! Can’t go wrong with that set up.