Mike's Camping and Biking Weekend- Aug 3-5th

Last year we had an awesome time camping and biking in Moncton. We rode some pristine trails, had bonefires, told stories and generally had an amazing time.

This year we’re doing it again…

The dates will tentatively be the long weekend in August. This falls on the 3-5 I believe. Tentatively as well, the location will be Fredericton. They have 3 major trail systems, as well as, O’dell park which is fun to rip around in as well. Camping is available in Woolastook, which just happens to be where one the trails systems are!

This is a loosely organized trip. Basically, we pile in cars, and drive up to Freddy. I will need to know if you’re interested somewhat soon to confirm campsites.

More info to come including confirmation of destination. The 90% set.

There is some pretty good riding in Fredericton, I get up there at least once a year and usually get to bring the bike. The neat thing about Fredericton is almost all the trails are very close to the center of town (about a 10 km radius) and can easily be ridden to mostly on rail trail. There’s lots of pretty current GPS tracklogs available for the area too.
Woolastook is a blast, I don’t bother with Odell too much but there is some pretty fun illegal trail in there if you can find it. I haven’t had the chance to ride the ‘Island view’ trails yet. On the north side the Hadley trails are long and fun with a pretty good mix of singletrack, doubletrack and some nice technical parts, the constant whoops in the first (and last, because it’s an out, loops and back) singletrack parts can be brutal. MVP (Marysville Place) has quite a network a bit confusing but there seems to be lots of trail building going on there. I have yet to get up to ‘the Claudie’ which apparently has quite a DH run as well as singletrack.

I don’t think I’ve been on the Hadley trails. I lived there for about 6 months and got the chance to ride Woolastook (agreed, excellent trails), marysville, and tree nursery (awesome trails). I’m quite sure I’ve ridden claudie as well. O’dell was on my way home from work so it was a great chance to get some riding in before supper.

Are the ‘island view’ trail the same as the tree nursery? I’m not familiar with the name.

Fredericton has an excellent layout for commuting as well. I could park my car on Monday and not touch it until Friday afternoon. A great city for sure. Thanks for the advice. Any chance you are going to join us on the trip?

They hold a race at the Hadley trails every year http://www.hadleychallenge.com/p/the-course.html I wouldn’t go in there without a guide or a gps there’s lots of trails and roads to make wrong turns on. I can send along a tracklog if you want. I managed the 36km loop in about 4.5 hours after making a couple of wrong turns.
Here’s a link to a quick google map of the Islandview trails http://goo.gl/maps/e2dSE
the Clauie trails http://goo.gl/maps/Znptb
and MVP area http://goo.gl/maps/5Z9ub

I’m not sure when we’re going up there this year, if I happen to be there at the same time I’d join in on a ride.

Thanks Bent. I appreciate that.

As it is the long weekend, and it’s a provincial park, I will be reserving campsites sooner than later. If you are interested let me know at mike@pedaltrout.com. Otherwise I will base it on the number who attended last year.

Again the date is August 3-5.

I’ve been in touch with Woolastook campground and have been assured that we will have some sites available to us. It will be in the open area so we don’t disturb other campers.

Let me know if you are interested in joining us the long weekend in August (August 3-5th) mike@pedaltrout.com

Anyone from Moncton want to join us? I’d like to ride with my friends from Moncton again.

Just checked the BNS calendar again, and I’m pretty sure this has no conflicts with any woods riding on there, so I may start getting my stoke on again!!!

I have been in touch with a great friend in Freddy Beach and he will be around that weekend so it’s on! We have accomodations lined up, trail guides or maps lined up and now I just need to know who all is coming up with me.

Please let me know for sure by July 26th so we can arrange drives. mike@pedaltrout.com

Barbara and I are going!

I will be going not sure if I will be driving or carpooling with someone else

Okay, time to get the final names and work out the drives to Fredericton. If you haven’t already, let me know. If you want more information, email me: mike@pedaltrout.com.

Almost there. I look forward to this all year. It’s great to just get away, ride some different trails and hang out with old and yet to be met friends. Although only in our second year of doing this, I have some locations in mind for next year already.

So, here’s the update. The drives have been arranged and the reservations made for the campsites. We will be staying at Woolastook, right by the trails! The tentative plan is to leave Saturday morning, check in, and then hit the trails. Later on we’ll meet up with my good friend and soon-to-be Haligonian Joshawa Lamkey.

There will be plenty of laughs, riding, and pictures (some will be posted…). For those going I will send an email later this evening with more detailed information.

I was going to be up there that weekend but couldn’t find a goat sitter:( Have fun on the fast Woolastook trails. Maybe you should post up a ride report of the trails you ride.

Absolutley. I hope to have some video footage as well. Kind of a road trip chronicle thing.

I’m bringing my bike wash station.

Less than 48 hours til we are on the road to Freddytown. Getting excited!

So much fun…many stories (and pics) to follow. Thanks to all who came, and Joshawa Lamkey for showing us the way on the trails. Aweseome…

Mike and crew, thanks for the awesome weekend. So glad I made it. Josh, that was some epic hosting. Raccoon, I will get yoh back for eating my cream of wheat and tea bags.

I really needed this trip too fun!