Minto and Tiny Trails

Just got back from Minto and spent the weekend at Tiny Trails Camp ground, just up the road from the trail head. Such a great location to stay, they have 10 sites currently, washrooms, outdoor showers and a big community firepit to hang out with everybody at the end of the ride. Some pictures of the site are here:

Tiny Trails

The New trails at Minto are super fun. My first time there but well worth the drive and now with the camp ground there so much easier.




Can confirm, super cool spot and long overdue for Minto- great to see some accommodations in Minto for mtb’ers!


Just to expand a bit on tiny trails. This campground has been opened by fellow mountain bikers and good friends to the community to help grow the total experience of riding in minto. As stated the sites are an easy one k ride down the road to the trail system and now provide the opportunity for riders to spend a couple days in minto. Make sure to express your appreciation for all the hard work they have put in to allow us all to have a far superior time on and off the trails.
Each site is tucked into its own little spot with a new picnic table and fire pit as well as the community fire pit out front that had 20 folks comfortably seated on the opening weekend.
The name may be tiny but the love put into this is huge!