Moose 3 Fat Bike | First Impression & Detailed Overview


Moose is a direct to consumer bike company based in Montreal. You can order one have have it delivered to your door for free. This is a great option for folks who do not have a LBS within a reasonable distance from their home.


A guy in our riding group just got one of these. Really nice build quality and a great value. Eh, @Ghost?


Great value for sure, especially with the Black Friday sale price that I paid. I wasn’t too keen on the colors before I got it, but it’s grown on me. I’m more about function than appearance anyway though.

Mine had two differences from Fatbike Republic’s: M7000 levers instead of M615 (the calipers are M615) and it came with a quick release seat post clamp.

Assembly was simple, but I had to make two adjustments: the derailleur B screw (there wasn’t enough clearance with the 42 tooth sprocket) and the front caliper was rubbing the disc a little.

After my second ride, I noticed that the drive side crank arm was coming lose. I tightened it to the specified torque value, but that resulted in excessive resistance when turning the crank. I could get the resistance down by loosening it, but then it wouldn’t stay tight. I contacted Moose about this, but didn’t get too much assistance from them*. I get the impression they don’t have much knowledge about the bikes or at least the guy I’ve been corresponding with isn’t getting me the information I need. On Monday night, I pulled the cranks and found that one bottom bracket cup was not even hand tight. The cup spacers on my bike also don’t match the photos on their website. Tightening the cup properly might resolve the problem, but I think there may also be too many spacers installed. I’ve asked twice over the past two days for the correct spacer quantity and locations, but haven’t gotten that information yet. I rode it tonight with one spacer out and the cup hand tight (getting a BB tool tomorrow) and it was fine. I’ll figure out the spacers once I can tighten the cup.

'* After a few days and emails, they did say I could bring it to a shop and they would cover the bill. They also said they would pay for a BB tool if I need to buy one.

I prefer to do most of my own work, so I’m not terribly bothered by my experience. I have Shimano cranks and press fit bottom brackets on my other bikes, so I just had to learn about this style earlier than expected. It might not be best for someone who doesn’t like to, or know how to, work on bikes. However, given the value, maybe it’s worth a little hassle.


Well, that was way too long! Short version:

Great value. Easy assembly. Had to make a couple of minor adjustments.

Developed a problem that turned out to be an improperly installed bottom bracket. I had to figure this out and correct in on my own as Moose didn’t seem to be able to provide any technical assistance. (After a few days of exchanging emails, they did say they would cover the repair cost if I took it to a shop.)

I’m still happy since I prefer to do my own work anyway. Given the value of the bike, it’s probably worth the risk of a little initial trouble that may take longer to sort out than if bought locally.


I found it odd that the bike that was sent to me did not have a QR seat post. I’m glad Moose changed that for the bike that you got. Kinda sucks that you had that mechanical though. Good to know that they would pay for a LBS covering the fix.


Solid of them to cover the repair costs if you took it to a shop. Also why I only use Shimano everything.


I’d prefer Shimano everything. Don’t think they do cranks, bottom brackets or hubs for fat bikes though.


I like SRAM gear, but the more I ride Shimano . . . the more I like it.


Been waiting for your review on the Mooss 3! I love my Moose 2, for the price it’s a pretty good fat bike. Glad to see more people buying them!


I have officially finished my review riding of the bike. Ride report should be up in February. Now I’m riding it for fun :slight_smile: . They do have pretty decent bikes for the price.


Can’t wait to read it!