More Construction on Flight Path

Finally got the bridge done… rideable now but a little dirt work
before and after the bridge and it’ll be 100%

Ben has found some hidden singletrack that we will be adding
bridges to as needed. Also bustin’ some short technical downhill
lines… hopefully the snow stays away long enough to get much
more work done

Besides all the great drainage work Ben, Kyle and myself have been doing over the last number of weeks through the rock garden section, the last major project has been started to complete the flow of the trail… the powerline bridge.

It was so nice getting out in the woods again after the last weeks weather…

Here was the obstacle… very swampy even after dry weather

A few timbers to get us going

Rough but taking shape… reminds me of a sequence from The Wall

Ten feet between base supports… bridge will be 35-40’ when done

Stringers in place waiting for rungs to be nailed on

Looking good Ken!

Looks great guys. You may want to put on some hip waders and peel your support beams though. At best you may get 2 to 3 years before they rot with the bark left on. Just a suggestion.
I have made the mistake of leaving bark on in the past and let me tell you riding is more fun than repairing.
When is the official opening?

I agree that peeling before hand would have been best but I didn’t have anything but a chainsaw and a hammer with me. The chose hemlock to try and get a bit more life out of them. Maybe when they have dried a bit I’ll see about the peeling…

No official opening, there’s a group of seven people that have asked about the trail and a handful that come out and build/ride. Ideally it would be nice to have those that ride the trail work on the trail but the trail is free for use by anyone. This is crown land (well, I guess the powerline is private now) and there is consent given on using the access road to be able to shuttle.

looking good Ken

life has bene hectic for me the last few months but the work your doing is great