More spring cleaning! Parts, gear, etc


Like others I am also doing some spring cleaning. Found some gear lying around that needs a new home where it will be better loved and used. As I clean and get ready to move I may find more stuff and will add it as I find it.

-race face affect 800mm bar. 35mm clamp. $40


@Chris_Dwyer-perkins You could make good use of those knee and elbow pads.


Couple new items added.


I’d take the saddle off your hands… my old bike could use a new one on the cheap


I’m interested in those wireless headphones.


Done. Send me a message and we can meet up.


Send me a message and we can chat.


Interested in those Oakley goggles. Just need to make sure they would fit with the FF I have. What’s the best way to reach you?


Send me a message and we can sort something out. Not sure what helmet you have but they fit both the Giro Remedy I had and my Troy Lee D2. It is the basic moto goggle so it should fit most helmets. But send me a message and we can arrange something.


i might be interested in the bar and stem are they still available?


It is currently just the bar. I should have the matching stem available soon. I am just waiting for the new stem to arrive in stock so I can order it.


ok and how much for the bar?


The bar is brand new and $40. The stem would be the same when my new stem comes in.